2021 Virtual Edition: 25-28 January

The Sustainable Foods Summit will discuss the sustainability implications of the coronavirus pandemic on the food industry. The crisis is shaking up supply chains for agricultural materials, changing the way food is distributed and retailed, as well as the how products are bought and consumed. Hosted on an online platform, the summit will take place on 25-28th January 2021 (PDT).  Contact us to get the detailed summit agenda.

How is the pandemic affecting production and supply of agricultural raw materials? Why are transparency and traceability becoming more important in supply chains? How is the crisis accelerating changes in distribution and retailing? What sustainability schemes and labels are gaining popularity? How is COVD-19 affecting consumer behaviour towards sustainable foods? What are the long-term implications of such trends? Such questions will be addressed in a high-level forum. More details

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor), the Sustainable Foods Summit is an international series of summits that focuses on the leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability and eco-labels, such as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, etc. Other editions in 2021 will be hosted in the Asia-Pacific (15-18 March, Online), Europe (9-11 June, Amsterdam), and Latin America (24-25 Nov, São Paulo).

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