The next North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will take place in San Francisco on 17-18th January 2023. Please contact us to keep updated of the summit program.

The 2022 summit comprised four sessions…

Session One: Sustainability Developments

The session began with a keynote on the relationship between medicine and sustainability in the food industry. How is agriculture linked to personal health and wellness?

> Opening Keynote: Deep Medicine and Sustainability

> Social Inclusion and Equity in Supply Chain

> Scaling Regenerative Agriculture

> Deforestation and Food Supply Chains

> Organic Ingredient and Proteins Pricing Outlook 2022

> Environmental Social and Corporate Governance in Natural Food Retail

> Creating Packaging for a Circular Economy

> Panel Discussion: Innovating for Sustainability

Session Three: Marketing & Consumer Insights

Although sustainable and plant-based foods have become mainstream, operators are grappling with marketing issues. This session gave marketing insights to assist operators in the sustainable food industry.

> US Plant-Based Food Market Update & Outlook

> Organic and Plant-Based Food Retailing Trends

> Sustainable Food Ecommerce Trends and Projections

> Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Foods for 2022

> Impact Communication Case Study

> Taking Organic and Plant-Based to Foodservice

> Marketing Regenerative Products: Case Studies

> Panel Discussion: Overcoming Marketing Hurdles

Session Two: Ingredient Innovations

The surging popularity of plant-based foods is leading to a flurry of interest in new sustainable proteins. This session covered important developments, highlighting innovative new ingredients.

> Impacts of Plant-Based Foods

> Sustainable Proteins from Regenerative Agriculture

> New Plant-Based Proteins for Sustainability

> Next Generation of Sustainable Proteins

> Fermentation Techniques for Seafood Alternatives

> Innovating with Plant-Based Ingredients

> Sustainable Product Case Studies

> Panel Discussion: Diversity of Plant-Based Proteins

Session Four: Future Trends

Although sustainability has become an integral part of the food industry, there remain questions about future developments. Topics included…

> Opening Keynote: Future Outlook for Sustainable Foods

> Regenerative Organic Certification Update

> Organic in Sustainable Food Industry

> The Potential of Cultured Food: Case Study

> Upcycled Foods Update and Outlook

> The Path to Plastic Neutral

> Encouraging Consumer Behavior Change

> Panel Discussion: Developing Circular Systems