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The Sustainable Foods Summit is organised by Ecovia Intelligence.

Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor) is a London-based specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on global ethical product industries. We organise workshops, seminars and summits on sustainable product industries at international locations throughout the year. We have been encouraging sustainable development in our specialist industries for over 15 years.

Since 2001, we have been tracking ethical & sustainable industries that include organic products, fair trade products, natural cosmetics, ethical textiles, sustainable packaging, etc. Our services portfolio includes research publications, business & technical research, sustainability consulting, as well as seminars, workshops and conferences. More details

Previous Events

We regularly host seminars, workshops and summits on sustainability and ethical products at various international locations throughout the year. In recent years, international locations include New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, São Paulo, Bologna, Munich and Nuremberg.

Recent events organized by Ecovia Intelligence include:

Ecovia Intelligence include:


Testimonials & Pics

Here is a selection of testimonials from participants at the previous North American edition (2016) of the Sustainable Foods Summit...

 "The Sustainable Foods Summit is an important gathering because it brings together people who are passionate about long term commitments in improving the food supply. There are a lot of people who are looking for innovation and creativity so it is a great spot to meet who are like-minded that way."   Greg Steltenpohl, CEO, Califia Farms

"It is ground zero for so many new initiatives and I love coming here and learning and being inspired personally. It is fun to see the ideas in this room in the marketplace in a few years."   Nikhil Arora, Co-Founder, Back to the Roots

"It's an incredible group of speakers and a great audience. Everyone is engaged...great job on the conference!"   Natural Grocers

 "Coming here every year gives me new renewed vows of things I like to do for the company things that I like to add to my own life and how I like to grow our business in a sustainable and meaningful way."

Previous Testimonials

Here is a selection of testimonials from participants at prior NA editions of the Sustainable Foods Summit....

'It was nice to see you again in SF and I thought this conference was actually your best in terms of content and presentations.'        Kenneth Ross, CEO of Global ID Group

'It was a pleasure speaking at the forum. I've been going to this one for years, always impressed by the speakers. I did not think I'd have the honor of joining the ranks one day!'        Sergio Nunez de Arco, Co-Founder, Andean Naturals

'After 3 different sustainable foods conferences in the last 6 months, I can honestly say the Sustainable Foods Summit was the best! It was a high quality of speakers and attendees.'   Josh Dorf, Stone-Buhr Flour Company

'I loved the conference. The information was so valuable, the networking was fantastic, the location was perfect, the food was divine. I'm so glad I came back early to attend.'   Carrie Staller, LOHAS

'Thanks again for a terrific conference. As always, it was very informative and provided exceptional networking.'                              Driscoll's

'We had a wonderful time at SFS this year. We met many great people who all had a unique perspective on sustainability.'                    SCS Global Services

'I wanted to follow up and tell you congratulations on a conference well done. We've organized many and know how much work and planning go into that.'        The Sustainability Consortium

'I enjoyed the conference and the opportunity to share ideas. Great group of people and great venue!'   Safeway

'It was a pleasure meeting you some days ago in Sustainable Food Summit in SF, the event was excellent.'            Pro Chile


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Ecovia Intelligence

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Ecocert Sustainable Food Trade Association
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